The newest castle in Moravia

In Horka nad Moravou a unique open-air gallery has been created – the Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature. Famous Czech artists have made their structures and artworks here. These include František Skála, a member of the artistic group Tvrdohlaví (the stubborn “hard-headed”), or Miloš Šejn from the artistic group Měkkohlaví (the “soft-headed”, which is a jokey inexisting opposite of “stubborn”). We will visit the entire gallery, but first we will focus on the life and work of the author who built his construction and other objects without planning them and de facto without the consent of the architects. Due to the nature of his work, we could put him in the artistic group called Tvrdozubí (the “hard-toothed”). We’re talking about European beavers, called Castor Fiber in professional circles.


  • duration: 6 hours
  • walking tour 500 m in the morning, 1 km in the afternoon
  • price: 250 CZK/person, it includes a program about beavers, an experience tour of the open-air gallery and lunch (menu depends on agreement)
  • number of participants: 18-50, program with more than 36 participants needs two guides

A tour of the beaver world at the pond Rozvišť

The beavers in our pond are very active and (besides the joy they give) they also cause insignificant difficulties for the operators of the House of Nature complex. They actively rebuild, improve, enhance, abandon and start new structures. Within a few years, the pond became a place with the highest activity of beavers and the most beautiful beaver castle in the whole area of Litovelské Pomoraví. We'll be searching a bit during the walk. We’ll also take a look at the family life of our beavers. We’ll look at the garden, living room, dining room, snuggery and pantry (we only regret that the beavers do not have a garage yet). At the end, we will experience a dramatic story of a young beaver that will result in a melodrama with a happy ending.

Bobri Vogel
Bobri   Skluzavka
Bobri   Exkurze

Zážitková prohlídka přírodní galerie

We will tell you the story of the open-air gallery. We will give you an idea of how the authors of the structures and perhaps even their predecessors, developers of romantic complexes, used to think. We will draw your attention to remarkable details. We will recall the stories of the construction of these buildings. You will have the opportunity to better understand the genius loci created by František Skála, Miloš Šejn, Miloslav Fekar, Marcel Hubáček and others.