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„For me, it’s like a joint meeting about our world,“
said Zdeněk Neubauerduring one of his visits to the Olomouc Ecology Days

EDO is a major ecology event that has been held in Olomouc at the end of April and beginning of May every year since 1992. It was first held in 1990. Olomouc Ecology Days has gradually become one of the most important events for the general public promoting protection of nature in the Czech Republic.


More than 20,000 visitors attend the festival every year. Usually, it lasts two weeks and includes three days of discussions, excursions to interesting places in the landscape countryside led by great guides, activities for schools, exhibitions, competitions and conferences. It culminates with an Ecology Fair, which is held on Horní náměstí square in Olomouc on the first day of May.


EDO is prepared by the staff of the Sluňákov Center for Ecological Activities - but with significant voluntary assistance from the members of the Sluňákov volunteer center and students of Palacký university (especially from the Udržitelný Palacký initiative), without which the events would not be possible. An increasing number of non-governmental organisations participate in the EDO, many of which cooperate directly on the implementation of the EDO agenda. A large number of organisations and companies in the region organise events at the festival, ensuring a rich accompanying program.


The EDO is apolitical and does not, on principle, adhere to any political or ideological movements. It rejects the right/left view of the global issues facing humanity. EDO programs do not seek to resolve the issues, but to highlight them based on the presentation of different opinions, discussion, joint meetings, etc. Participants try to learn from each other and their dialog is primarily driven by an effort to help find answers to current environmental and social issues. Rather than the most high-profile environmental cases discussed in the media, our agenda strives to address issues of environmental protection and creation in context (socio-cultural).


At all events - and especially at the Ecology Fair - people get a lot of important information about the state of the environment in the Olomouc region, in the Czech Republic and on a global scale. The agenda regularly addresses waste reduction issues and environmentally acceptable waste disposal methods.


EDO is a meeting of environmental NGOs from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. The public learns that the "green" label covers many organizations with differing opinions and interests, but with the same goal, to which each of them tries to find its own approach.


EDO develops a tolerant, civic dialog that addresses the major issues related to the global ecological crisis. The exchange of views at the level of citizens - NGOs – and public authorities and the government is highly beneficial. EDO supports the formation of a civic democratic society.


We will be delighted if you support our festival through participation, contribution to the program, or by sponsoring. We look forward to meeting you.


Ecological Evenings

The Ecological Evenings are discussion programs, usually held eight times a year in the Olomouc Music Theater. The Ecological Evenings seek to maintain the continuity of joint meetings to discuss the presence people on the Earth and contemplate environmental issues throughout the year.
We endeavour to create an environment in which people interact, listen and express their opinions. When it comes to controversial issues, we try to ensure that a greater number of opposing views of the issue are represented, nor do we avoid people whose view of environmental activities in general is less complimentary. The goal of the discussions is, of course, not to resolve known problems, but to communicate and to create and adjust the opinions of both listeners and the participants in the discussion. An interview reveals more information than a monologue. The next upcoming Ecological Evenings can be found in the news.

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