The low-energy house was built in 2007 on a greenfield site. In the same year it was awarded with the Grand Prix prize for architects. It has the shape of a crescent moon and on one side it is covered with earth embankment, so as to disturb the surrounding landscape as little as possible. It is built of wood, concrete, glass, stone and unfired bricks. The design of the house applies primarily the principles of solar architecture, large thicknesses of thermal insulation and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.



Businesses and organisations can use the premises for training and seminars or corporate events. People can rent the premises for celebrations or weddings. The house offers generous common area and pleasant intimate retreats.


It has a hall with the capacity of 90 people. When connected with the dining room the capacity increases to 120 persons.  For lectures we can provide 64 conference chairs. In addition to the hall, two smaller seminar rooms with a data projector and a projecting screen can be used. The capacity of each room is 25 persons.

Premises within the open-air gallery

Take advantage of the open-air gallery in the surroundings of the house, for example for children's picnics or roasting on fire. You can borrow roasting forks, picnic blankets, hanging bed (hammock) or other equipment.

You can use the facilities of the house such as toilets or refrigerators for storing food.

Price list


1,000 CZK/hour; 8,000 CZK/day  

12,000 CZK/day (together with the dining room)


seminar room, playroom or classroom

500 CZK/hour; 2,500 CZK/day


campfire spot lease

250 CZK/event including wood and lease of roasting forks.


All-day lease is counted for 6 or more hours.

All prices include VAT.


Jana Vyhňáková, Phone: +420 585 378 345,



Dining room

Dining room