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For our activities, programs, and operations, we need money that we get from subsidies and grants, and we also make money ourselves. You can simply support us with a financial donation here.


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Help us spread information about who we are and what we do. Your support on social networks is essential to reach as many people as possible. Subscribe, follow and like us on social networks and win favour for us with your neighbourhood:

Support us financially

  • You can support us here
  • You can also send a financial donation directly to the account number 2581594001/5500. In the message for the recipient, please write "dar” (gift), your name and contact details so that we can get in touch with you about issuing a donation contract.
  • Buy some goods in our e-shop
  • Join us for a coffee or ice cream and buy educational materials in our shop
  • Shop on popular e-shops through A part of your spending will be used for our support. There are no extra costs.

Become a volunteer

Help us organise events and become a member of our team. You can get more information at the web page of the volunteer center.

Support us with a gift or service

You can help us in a different way. Not just financially. Currently you have the following options:

  • Computing equipment - To be viable and sustainable, we need to continuously renew and develop our technological capabilities. Stable hardware, software and IT services make our day-to-day operations easier.
  • Tourism and promotion, PR - Help us promote our activities, for example, by using an advertising banner - if you have the possibility to place on your website a link to our website If so, please let us know. We will be grateful for any other help with our promotion.
  • Printing of promotional materials and publications
  • Gardening works in the complex
  • Help up with your best skills - write to us - your expertise can help us so that we can become more professional

Corporate volunteering

Support your company's goodwill on the market and the positive awareness of your brand. Experience with us an unforgettable teambuilding with added value. Help us with the inventory check of the library, cleaning windows, or maintenance works in the open-air gallery.


Přemysl Heralt, Deputy director
phone: +420 588 388 206

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