Michal Bartoš

Director; +420 585 152 005
I represent Sluňákov externally, motivate people and care for the vision.

The Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature

Jiří Popelka

Coordinator House of Litovelske Pomoravi; 585 388 206
I guide visitors, create programmes, teach children a organise events

Jana Vyhňáková

Lease of premises administrator; +420 585 378 345
At Sluňákov I handle orders of accommodation and events, communicate with visitors at the information center, participate in the organisation of events for the public especially the Olomouc Ecological Days festival.

Zuzana Janková

Information center; +420 585 154 711
I manage the information center, lecture and coordinate the M.R.K.E.V and Mrkvička teacher network.

Ondřej Horňák

Program worker of House Litovelske Pomoravi; 585 388 206
I organize public events

Michaela Pavlíková

PR specialist; 730 806301
I manage social networks and take care of the information center CHKO Litovelske Pomoravi - Sargoun

Educational section

Libor Sukup

Head of education section; +420 585 154 839
I coordinate daylong courses, create programmes and teach children.

Romana Pálková

Coordinator of residential programs.; +420 585 154 881
I teach children and students (on residential and day programs), handle orders for residential programs, I like to be involved in international projects and I also coordinate the activities of the team of…

Pavlína Vrbová

Teacher seminars; 585 388 206
I create seminars, methodologies and programmes for teachers and children

Karla Rulíková

Coordinator of seminars for teachers and Eco-school; 585 388 206
I prepare seminars, programs and methodologies and give lectures.

Petr Fiala

Lecturer; 585 154 882
I lecturer programs for schools, I coordinate internships and I am in charge of school events for Earth Day

Tereza Žáková

Lectuer; 585 154 839
I teach children. I also take care of our worms in our vermicomposting unit

Operation of the low-energy building

Lukáš Čoček

Outdoor area manager; 585 154 481
I try to keep the gallery in nature in a state of sustainable disintegration.

Ivana Výkrutová

Head of kitchen and cleaning; +420 585 154 480
I manage the operation of the kitchen and cleaning. My goal is to make the people who are staying at the house satisfied. 

Iveta Kučerová

Cleaner; +420 585 154 480
I keep the place clean and tidy.

Financial and projecting section

Tereza Baleková

Accountant; +420 585 154 482
I'm responsible for managing and the reporting of financial information for the organisation. I also administer payrolls and control income and expenditure.