On rafts to the Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature

Come to spend an unforgettable ride on rafts and listen to the story of the bottomland landscape told in the open-air gallery of the Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature.


  • duration: 6 hours
  • The starting point is at Sluňákov in Horka nad Moravou in the morning. Alternatively, you can join us in Lhota nad Moravou if you prefer your own transport. The program can be customized individually.
  • price: 3000 CZK / raft for 6 persons, it includes rafting, experience tour of the open-air gallery and lunch
  • capacity: 12 people (2 rafts).

Cruising the Morava River

The Morava River flows through the bottomland forests of the Litovelské Pomoraví region. It’s mostly calm and slow. People were wise enough not to shackle its banks, so it overflows freely in the forests when the water level rises up, and transforms its trough wildly. The river cuts off the banks, cuts down trees, buries their trunks under layers of gravel and sometimes even changes the direction of the flow. In summer, the lonely corners of the river have a special beauty that smells like mud. On the banks fly steel-blue damseflies, heron rises behind the bend of the river and if you are attentive, you can see a blue flash of a kingfisher flying away in front of you. And then the ubiquitous beavers. Each family carefully protects their territory and their work is clearly visible around the river. The beavers dig deep lodges in the banks, care for their gardens, and trample paths and slides along the river. The river and its inhabitants always surprise you by something.

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Experience tour of the open-air gallery

The Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature is a unique open-air gallery and an open-air playground, that has been opened in Horka nad Moravou. We will tell you the story of this open-air gallery and explain you the way the authors of the buildings thought about them.  We will draw your attention to remarkable details. We will recall the stories of the construction of these buildings. You will have the opportunity to better understand the genius loci created by František Skála, Miloš Šejn, Miloslav Fekar, Marcel Hubáček and others.